Social Media and Extra Curricular Activities

Yes, what you post on Social Media should be means for you getting kicked off extra curricular activities. Michael Gunchar, author of the article Should What You Say on Facebook Be Grounds for Getting Fired wrote,¨ The teacher Christine Rubino, wrote in 2010. ¨ I HATE THEIR GUTS!¨  The teacher was fired immediately. If  teachers get fired in the professional world, I think kids that post mean , threatening and inappropriate comments should be deprived of extra curricular activities. For example a group of Harvard students were posting inappropriate pictures, after a week they got dismissed from Harvard University. This means its not just the professional world, Schools also are taking action. Then we have the most recent school shooting threats. Kids who post these are expelled,arrested and suspended. Students who post mean , threatening and inappropriate things on Social Media should be kicked off extra curricular activities.

December Holidays Across The World

Hey guys, What is your favorite holiday? comment down below what it is. December is just around the corner and that means we should talk about 2 of the big holidays different people celebrate around the world.

CHRISTMAS-Nations such as Russia, United Kingdom, United States, Australia and many more countries celebrate Christmas. They all have some differences and similarities. They all talk about Santa. Santa Claus is most known for his 9(Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and Rudolph) rain-deer but in Australia he ditches the rain-deer and comes on kangaroos. Communist USSR (Soviet Union) did not allow Christmas until 1991. In fact Christmas trees were banned until 1935 when Christmas trees turned into “New Years trees.”

KWANZAA-Nations such as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe celebrate Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa, unlike Christmas, is celebrated the same around the world. They put up a candle holder and 7 candles which the light up every day. The last day they extinguish the candles.

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My Occupations

Hey guys, what do you want to be when you grow up? I have lots of career options.

One of my favorite’s is architect. I wanted to be one since I found out Legos were a thing. I want to make a tropical resort in the Caribbean. I will take half the profit and the rest goes to a charity for animals and plants. The resort will be an artificial island on the coast of Puerto Rico

I also want to start my own company.  The company will build buildings and renovate older infrastructures.  I will be what is known as CEO or Chief Executive Officer. CEO’s get payed a lot. Sundar Pichai of Google has a net worth ( how much you have total) of 1.2 billion US Dollars.

My last 2 career choices are president and NBA player. I want to run for the 2044 election. I want to also get sporty an score some points as a shooting guard. That is all. Comment down bellow what you want to be when you grow up?

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20% Project Progression (December)

Hey guys. It is December and I decided to tell you what I did in November for my 20% project. I went around looking for a place to hold my dodge ball tournament. The process was tiring and boring. We still do not have a place for to tournament.

I need to get a place desperately, so my biggest goal is to find a gym. I will need to Email the owners of the gym.





The Power

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Hey guys, I  want you to  imagine that  you are the principal for a week  what would you do? I would add recess.  When I left my  elementary school  the thing i missed the most was recess. I wanted back that 20 minutes of fun well now we get it back with me. the only other big rule other than No Bullying is that we can only go outside when it is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius.

#Vote me for principal!

Now imagine you are  an teacher. I would  teach Social Studies. I would talk about geography and do cool field trips like going to Washington DC, which is the United States capital if you did not know.  At Washington DC, we will go to the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol building. We might even bring some cherry blossoms back home.    Image result for globeGlobe



Hey guys, So I know that this week is free choice so I decided  to tell more about me with some of my favorites, If you want more of these type then comment down below some more favorites   Image result for football


Here are some favorites. I love pizza. It has cheese. I love cheese. I also like to watch Football and play basketball. I play Power Forward and Center. I love the city of Paris. I want to live there when I’m older. Since I was born in January, I love Winter.

What are your favorites. Comment down below. If you guys like this blog check out my others. That’s all Folks. BuhhBye or should I say Bon Voyage

Hunger Bowl

We did this thing called the 20% project. We are supposed to help the community and make a final product. Our product is to make a dodge-ball tournament .We will help the community by selling tickets and buying canned food to GoPantry.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

I don’t know if you guys like my project, but I did. I really like sports and helping others. On the other hand I am kind of (really) lazy. I am also anxious to see how it goes. I cant wait.I am also kind of confused if they will like it or not

I already have some big plans for the month of November. I need to reserve a place . We also need equipment. we will achieve these goals by, asking for supplies by our mentor. Thanks for listening, Buh Bye.



Activity 3


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By: U.S. Air Force photo/Dave Armer at

 Hello my name is Trevor Smith. I am a Senior at  Stevenson High. I play for the Stevenson Falcons . Though I made the team, Coach never let’s me play and for 3 years in a row I have not caught a ball. Today is our Championship and we are playing against the St. Xavier Patriots. This is as big as Super Bowl 51. It is also my biggest game ever because Julian, our best wide receiver, got injured so I am playing for Julian . It was game time. Like usual our Quarterback never threw to me, in fact, he didn’t trough my side. It was in the forth quarter 13-14 (we were losing) and we had the ball with 27 seconds left and no timeouts left he snapped. I was left wide open at 1 yard line believe it or not he through it and l tried to go for the ball  on the end zone and then……………………

Comment done below what happened


Activity 2

File:Peyton Manning throwing.jpg


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Plagiarized Poems

Activity 1

Plagiarizing is not telling your viewers where you got information, picture, music, or video from. This leads to fines up to $50,000. There are many ways to not get Fined for plagiarizing  but still use their information. You can cite where you get it from. An example would be if you are copying my passage then say by haranmgms24 or say  by

Activity 2

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Black Pumpkin

In the dark,

he smiles

with an evil grin

as if he was to rule the earth.

His eyes  glow with fury,

light as a jack-o-lantern.

He still smiles

like a black pumpkin.

Its Just Me Myself and My Avatar

Why I chose my avatar

The first thing you see is the football. Why it’s there is that I love football if you saw my last post you would know. the mustache is for my future. I  think I have a bright future so I put it in. The reason my jersey is teal is that my favorite color is teal. The gold necklace is to show I am important. That is all, if you guys like this comment down below and follow. Bye Guys!!!

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