Its Just Me Myself and My Avatar

Why I chose my avatar

The first thing you see is the football. Why it’s there is that I love football if you saw my last post you would know. the mustache is for my future. I ¬†think I have a bright future so I put it in. The reason my jersey is teal is that my¬†favorite color is teal. The gold necklace is to show I am important. That is all, if you guys like this comment down below and follow. Bye Guys!!!

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2 thoughts on “Its Just Me Myself and My Avatar”

  1. Hi Haran my name is Brian. I love Football but I rarely play it. I also love teal. I also love how you show that you are important by your Neckalace.

    1. Hey Brian, Thanks for commenting on my page, Did you like the blog , I hope you did Do you play Basketball, what is your favorite subject. I saw that you are an Filipino, I am an Indian , The one in India

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